Ryno's Application

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Ryno's Application

Post by Ryno on Tue Jun 09, 2015 2:55 pm

1.Info about L2 Experience (previous server,clan etc..).
Playing since C3 on many servers mostly mid rates like l2renewal,pvpx,survival,luthien,sublimity,mid,nanna,etc. Some clans that I was in were: Absolute, CossaNostra, GlobalAbuse, Trinity, etc.
2.What is your name/ingame name.
3.How old are you?
4.Where are you from?
5.How many hours are you available to play, from x hour to x hour?
Depends, some day I can play more some day I can play less or not at all. The time of the day depends as well, I can play in the morning for 2 hours, but moslty in the afternoon,evening(not nights , i don't play in the night) GMT+3
6.Why you want to join us?.
I want to be part of serious team again, I don't like playing alone.
7.Do you know anyone from clan that can recommend you?
Name Rafcy seems familiar to me.
8.What are the classes you mostly play?
Hawkeye my favourite class and i play it well, I can play mages too,bishop,OL,
9.English knowledge?(from 5-10?)
10.Can you use RaidCall listen or talk?
11.Some info about you ?
I'm person that like teamworking, I like helping others and being helped, I like pvp/mass pvp , raiding, and all that is team based, if I don't have clan mates online to play with my enjoyment of the game is decreasing a lot.

Hope u are not loosing ur time with my application. Smile


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Re: Ryno's Application

Post by RafCy on Tue Jun 09, 2015 5:16 pm

You seem fine, join here > 8696546 (raid call id) so we can talk and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] our clan group(with news etc..)

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