Clan Application.

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Clan Application.

Post by Rhaegard on Thu Jun 18, 2015 4:24 pm

The application form must include :
1.Info about L2 Experience (previous server,clan etc..).

Played in L2Elite (C3-C4) for some years in both servers x45 and x10(x15 after some time),playing casually and mostly for fun in l2mafia and then travelled arround many servers just for fun.The last server in which I played was the new version of L2 BnB but stopped for school reasons.

2.What is your name/ingame name.

Rhaegard , Targaryen.

3.How old are you?

I'm 18. Just finished school and waiting for exams' results...

4.Where are you from?

Greece and I live in Larisa.

5.How many hours are you available to play, from x hour to x hour?

At least 6-7.

6.Why you want to join us?.

I would like to join you because I love playing with organized people.I don't like playing with random guys that leave whenever they want without explaining why.

7.Do you know anyone from clan that can recommend you?

WorldNet from l2elite.

8.What are the classes you mostly play?

My favorite class is Bishop,but I also play Necromancer,Spellsinger and Sagitarius.

9.English knowledge?(from 5-10?)

Writing 9
Speaking 7

10.Can you use RaidCall listen or talk?

I can use RaidCall and both talk and listen.

11.Some info about you ? My name is Kostas.I was in school and I just finished.I'm waiting my results to get into the university and I love playing videogames when I'm home.I started playing l2 when I was 11 years old and never stopped since then.


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