L2Citadel Presents: Wrath! (Retail Like X15 Hellbound!)

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L2Citadel Presents: Wrath! (Retail Like X15 Hellbound!)

Post by L2Citadel on Wed Jul 01, 2015 5:54 pm

L2Citadel - Prepare for Wrath!

We are proud to present to you Wrath x15 Hellbound! Wrath will be the sequel to our 5x server which revived interest in the game throughout the community and made waves being the most complete retail Hellbound private Lineage 2 server ever opened.

The start was by today's standards huge with 2k online, and again people were seeing those packed newbie towns we all love. Unfortunately our 5x server was destined to meet an untimely demise for reasons that were well documented on our forums.

After an overhaul of our game panel and tweaking of our server files we are confident and ready to take you on a next adventure! Our grand Opening is planned for the 17th of July!

Key features of our 15x Hellbound Server
L2Citadel will start with a retail-like mid rate server. Most important characteristics:
- XP/SP/Adena: 15x
- Adena drop rate: 70%
- Quest XP: 15x
- Quest Adena: 15x
- Sealstones: 15x
- Boosted key quest rates.
- All spoils will be 10x chance, 1x amount except for materials which are 10x amount, 1x chance.
- All epic raid zones are now PvP zones! - 24+4 buff slots and triggers on a separate bar.
- To make Hellbound more easily accessible we have implemented the Gracia style HB quest.

Full features can be found on our website!

What items will be available in the donation shop?
Donations will include class changes (1st and 2nd), hats & accessories and in addition to our 5x server, people will be able to donate for a clean Pipette Knife (still need to hit Baium).

Will there be any ingame events?
GM Mustang will be available to host GM driven events ranging from our famous quiz event to a simple hide and seek. On top of that there will be 3 more events around server start!
1. Gatekeeper Event: At server start the event gatekeeper will offer teleports to hunting grounds at a reduced price as well as hunting locations not at the regular Gatekeeper!
2. L2day Event: Collect letters from while hunting and spell certain words. Each word has a chance to win you many different rewards!
3. Redeye Reloaded - There can be only one! The first Redeye event on our 5x server was hugely popular and had a large following of the competitors streams on Twitch. You can find more info on the previous edition of the Red Eye event on our forum.

What about the Newbie pack event?
The newbie pack event, offering a starter kit of shadow gear to new players will not be available on server launch but we will certainly introduce it once the server has matured to keep the server a valid option for new players and thus lengthening its lifespan.Check our our website for more info on the content of the L2Citadel Newbie pack!

What files are you using?!
As we use our own privately developed files and retain some of the best L2OFF developers, we have full control over every aspect of the game. You wont find that in the average private server using an off the shelf package!

Do you have suggestions? Join our forum and share them with us! We like the input of the community and although we can probably not satisfy everyone we will try our utter best!

www l2citadel com
Facebook dot com/L2Citadel
irc what-network com


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